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The School dragons are now living happily ever after in their own school.

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Break Charity would like to say a huge thank you to all the Schools who fundraised for Break during the GoGoDragons! project.  Many of them saved coins in the special GoGoDragons! collecting boxes. The total to date is a whopping £3800. (there are specific amounts on individual pages)  This will go a long way to helping to change young lives in Norfolk & East Anglia.  Many thanks to everybody.

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This has been a Wild in Art Project brought to you by The Forum, working with Break Charity, Pensthorpe Natural Park, Norwich Heart and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge.


GoGoDragons! Education Project is sponsored by Pensthorpe Natural Park.  Adventure play nature’s way. 

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Little Melton Primary school

Little Melton Primary School

Dragon name:  Frozen Flame Dragon design:  The children were all... View More

arden grove WS

Arden Grove Infant & Nursery School

Dragon name: Hotwings Dragon design: Excitement and anticipation was evident... View More

Hellesdon High School WS

Hellesdon High School

Hellesdon High School students have decorated 3 schools GoGoDragons!  There... View More

Kinsale WS

Kinsale Infant School

Dragon name: Flamebow. Dragon design: An egg was discovered on... View More

wroughton junior WS

Wroughton Junior School

Dragon name:  Wroughtus Dragon design:  We wanted everyone in the... View More


Homefield VC Primary School, Bradwell

Dragon name: A dragon of dragons Dragon design: Our dragon... View More

View More

Town Close WS

Town Close School

Dragon name: Vincent Van GoGo Dragon design: Our reason behind... View More

Hellesdon High School WS

Hellesdon High School

Hellesdon High School students have decorated 3 schools GoGoDragons!  There... View More


Filby School

Dragon name:  Tomoko Dragon design:  Filby Primary School is part... View More

worstead school

Worstead Primary School

Dragon name:  Pax Dragon design:  At Worstead School we believe... View More

Aylsham HS WS

Aylsham High School, Norfolk

Dragon name:  DRAGon Perry. Dragon design:  Twenty students from year... View More

Free School WS

Free School Norwich

Dragon name: Georgina Dragon design: The children at the Free... View More

old Catton WS

Old Catton CoE School

Dragon name:  Cosmo Dragon design:  Our dragon design is inspired... View More

parkside school WS

Parkside School, Norwich

Dragon name: Spotty Dotty. Dragon design: Our dragon design was... View More

Jane Austen College

Jane Austen College

Jane Austen College is also a proud sponsor of a... View More

Hillside School WS

Hillside Avenue Primary & Nursery School

Dragon name:  Hillie, the Hillside Dragon. Dragon design:  The school... View More

Garrick green logo

Garrick Green Infant School

Dragon name: “Garrick” Dragon design: Garrick Green Infant School’s dragon... View More

fred nicholson

Fred Nicholson School, Dereham

Dragon name:  Scales and Stories Dragon design:  The majority of... View More

Harford Manor WS

Harford Manor School

Dragon name:   A Wealth of Selfies Dragon design: We have... View More

Hethersett VC logo WS

Hethersett VC Junior School

Dragon name:  Ember Dragon design: Inspired by a design from ... View More

Respect for us WS

Respect4us School, Norfolk

Dragon name:  Icy Dragon design:  The Respect4us GoGoDragon! has been designed by... View More


Bignold Primary School

Dragon name:  ROARY (Respect Others And Respect Yourself). Dragon design:  Bignold... View More

West Earlham WS

West Earlham Junior School

Dragon name: Farrago Dragon design: After sharing the book, “Tell... View More

Flegg High school WS

Flegg High School

Dragon name:  Fleggling Dragon design:  The Flegg High School dragon... View More

Reepham primary

Reepham Primary School

Dragon name: Flame Dragon design: Our dragon, “Flame”, was designed... View More

sidestrand WS

Sidestrand Hall Special school, Cromer

Dragon name:  Latus Littus Anisoptera ( Sidestrand Dragonfly) Dragon design: ... View More

Notre Dame High School WS

Notre Dame High School Norwich

Dragon name:  Notre Damas Rex Dragon design:  Our GoGoDragon! has... View More

Mundsley Infant School logo

Mundesley Infant School

Dragon name:  MISsy (Mundesley Infant School super youths) Dragon design: ... View More

stoke holy cross WS

Stoke Holy Cross Primary School

Dragon name: Stokes Dragon design: Our dragon has been beautifully... View More

Free thorpe WS

Freethorpe Community Primary School

Dragon name:  Reflection. Dragon design:  The children explored their own... View More

fairhaven WS

Fairhaven CE VA Primary School, South Walsham

Dragon name:  Noble Ethel Emerges from the Broads Dragon design: ... View More

GGD Schools white back

Lodge Lane Infant School

Dragon name:  Maggon the fire dragon Dragon design:  Our dragon... View More

Hall school WS

Hall School, Norwich

Dragon name:  Digit Dragon design:  At Hall School our pupils... View More

Cawston Primary school WS

Cawston VC Primary School

Dragon name: Cawgon Dragon name: All our pupils entered the... View More

st williams WS

St William’s Primary School

St William’s Primary School website click here News from Miss... View More

Hethersett Academy WS

Hethersett Academy

Dragon name: “Appy” The App Dragon. Dragon design: Hethersett Academy... View More

Great Witchingham WS

Great Witchingham School

Dragon name: Phoenix Dragon design: Phoenix was created by all... View More

Wroughton Infant WS

Wroughton Infant School, Norfolk

  Dragon name:  Rory Dragon design:  Children at Wroughton Infant... View More

mousehold infants

Mousehold Infant and Nursery School

Dragon name: “Heath” the Mousehold Dragon Dragon design: The Mousehold... View More

dussindale WS

Dussindale Primary School

Dragon name: Draco Navis (dragon ship) Dragon design: Our dragon... View More

Aslacton WS

Aslacton Primary School

Dragon name:  Demelza the travelling dragon. Dragon design:  Our whole... View More


City of Norwich School an Ormiston Academy

Dragon name: Lumina Dragon design: Our dragon has been named... View More

firside school logo

Firside Junior School

Firside Junior School website click here Dragon name: Firside Treasures…….. Dragon... View More

St Michaels VA Junior WS

St Michaels VA Junior School

Dragon name:  Boudicca Dragon design:  Our dragon of Boudicca was... View More


Ashleigh Infant School & Nursery

Ashleigh Infant & Nursery school have two school dragons as... View More

sewell park low res logo

Sewell Park College

Dragon name: Holi Dragon design: “Holi” is inspired by GCSE... View More

falcon WS

Falcon Junior School

Dragon name:  Falco Dragon design:  Falcon Junior’s dragon design is... View More

Tots to Teens WS

Broadland Tots2Teens

Broadland Tots2Teens are the proud owners of two junior GoGoDragons! ... View More

White woman lane WS

White Woman Lane School, Norwich

Dragon name: Flagon Dragon. Dragon design: This dragon was designed... View More

Salvation Army

William Booth Day Centre

Dragon name: Willbo Dragon design: We would like to introduce... View More

sprowston HS WS

Sprowston Community High School

Dragon name: Eric Dragon design: “Eric” has been created by... View More

UTC  white back

University Technical College Norfolk

Dragon name:  Mini Circuit Dragon design:  An engineering themed dragon... View More

Short stay WS

Locksley School

Dragon name: Robin of Locksley Dragon design: The theme for... View More

Browick Road WS

Browick Road Community Infant School, Wymondham

Dragon name: Browick Dragon design:  In July 2015, our school... View More

Chapel school WS

Chapel Road School

Dragon Name: Hand Some Dragon Dragon Design: We wanted all... View More

Mileham WS

Mileham Primary School

Dragon name: Pick “n” Mix Dragon design: All 27 children,... View More

Heartsease Junior WS

Heartsease Primary Academy

Heartsease Primary Academy are thrilled to be able to participate... View More

Wensum WS

Wensum Junior School

Dragon name: Dominic Wensum Junior School website click here Visit... View More

hewett WS

Hewett School, Norwich

Dragon name:  Everyman Dragon Dragon name: We based the theme... View More

Howard Junior WS

Howard Junior School, King’s Lynn

Dragon name:  Hugo Dragon design: The Howard Junior School dragon... View More

NHS sch WS

Norwich High School for Girls

Dragon name: The Spirit of Norwich High School Dragon design:... View More

Greshams WS

Gresham’s Prep School

Dragon name: Hopper Dragon design:  “Hopper’s” design combines the Gresham’s... View More

Alderman Swindell WS

Alderman Swindell Great Yarmouth

Dragon name: Jador Bob Dragon design: Our dragon was designed... View More

Casitor WS

Caister Infant School Norfolk

Dragon name:  Seaster. Dragon design:  The children were inspired by... View More

Dereham Church  WS

Dereham Church Infant & Nursery School

Dereham Church of England Infant and Nursery School are very... View More

Cantley WS

Cantley Primary School

  Dragon name: Sugarface Dragon design: The winning design at... View More

St Augustines WS

St Augustine’s Catholic Primary School

Dragon name:  Augusto Scales Dragon design: Augusto Scales is a... View More

st peters easton

St Peter’s C of E Primary School

Dragon name: Jig-roar Dragon design: “Jig-roar” is a representation of... View More

eaton WS

Eaton Primary School

Dragon name: Douglas the Dragon. Dragon design: We wanted each... View More

Once upon a time WS

Once Upon A Time Nursery

Dragon name: Once upon a dragon Dragon design: We have... View More

Tots to Teens WS

Broadland Tots2Teens 2

Broadland Tots2Teens are the proud owners of two junior GoGoDragons! ... View More

MAgdalen Gates Primary WS

Magdalen Gates Primary School

Dragon name: Tell me a dragon Dragon design: Our dragon... View More



Dragon name:  Octavia. At LEAP we empower people who face... View More

Holt Primary WS

Holt Primary School

Dragon name:  Skittles. Dragon design:  After a GoGoDragon! broke into... View More

Sparhawk WS

Sparhawk Infant School, Sprowston

Dragon name: Flash Dragon design: In the true spirit of... View More

lakenham WS

Lakenham Primary School

Dragon name: Cosmos Dragon design:  Our dragon, Cosmos, was born... View More

Magdalen Gates WS

Magdalen Gates Pre School Norwich

Dragon name:  Rainbow Dragon design:  Our dragon was inspired by... View More

mulbarton JS WS

Mulbarton Junior School

Dragon name:  Sprayie the splat dragon Dragon design:  Created by... View More

Costessey Infant sch WS

Costessey Infant School

Dragon name:  Readagon. Dragon design: Here at Costessey Infant school... View More

Hellesdon High School WS

Hellesdon High School

Hellesdon High School students have decorated 3 schools GoGoDragons!  There... View More

attleborough WS

Attleborough Academy

Dragon name: Darcie. Dragon design: As an academy we always like... View More

Thomas bullock WS

Thomas Bullock Primary Academy

Dragon name: Wordsbert Dragon design: Inspired by our reading week,... View More

catton Grove WS

Catton Grove Primary School

Dragon name:  Grover Dragon design:  Following the session with our... View More

talcolneston WS

Talcolneston Primary School

Dragon name:  Reks Dragon design:  Our dragon is wearing our... View More

indclude WS

Norfolk Include – Catch 22

Dragon name:  Steve Puffy Norfolk Include website click here Dragon... View More

costessey  WS

Costessey Junior School

Costessey Infant School and Costessey Junior School are delighted to... View More


Chapel Break Infant School

Dragon name: What is a dream? Dragon design: The children... View More

bluebell primary

Bluebell Primary School

Dragon name: Words (pen is mightier than the sword) Dragon... View More

St Francis Assissi WS

St Francis Assissi School

Dragon name: Fearsome Francis the Fiery Dragon design: The decoration... View More

Norwich primary Academy WS

Norwich Primary Academy

Dragon name:  The Shoe Dragon Dragon design: Initially, we had... View More

hamlet centre WS

Hamlet Centre Trust, Children’s Centre

The Hamlet Centre have two dragons: Dragon name 1: Spineshot... View More

cromer WS

Cromer Junior School

  Dragon name: Clever Joyful Scholar Dragon design:  The whole... View More

nelson WS

Nelson Infant School

Dragon name: Nelson the Dragon Dragon design: Our dragon has... View More


Pensthorpe Natural Park

We are very proud to sponsor and be involved in... View More


Mattishall Primary School

Dragon name:  Spectrum. Dragon design: The design was made from... View More

ormiston WS

Ormiston Victory Academy

Dragon name: Banter Claws Dragon design: Banter Claws is Ormiston... View More

wicklewood school WS

Wicklewood School

Dragon name:  Woodlewick The Wicklewood Dragon. Dragon design:  Woodlewick The... View More

George White WS

George White Junior School

Dragon name: Gardon the earth dragon Dragon design: Our school... View More

Norwich school WS

Norwich School The Lower School

  Dragon name:  NLS Oriflamme Dragon design:  Our dragon was... View More

st faiths

St Faiths C of E Primary School

Dragon name: Faith Dragon design: “Faith” is a whole school... View More