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Thomas Bullock Primary Academy

Dragon name: Wordsbert

Dragon design: Inspired by our reading week, “Wordsbert” is a celebration of how art and writing are interlinked.   All the children contributed to its creation by making the wonderful collage scales that cover it.  The colours and design were inspired by the images the children produced during our reading week.  These pieces of artwork then gave rise to some fantastic written dragon descriptions.  A selection of which adorn Wordsbert’s hide.

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Wordsbert will be on display in Anglia Framing, 4 St Gregory’s Alley from 4th July.  He will go back to school in September where he will live happily ever after.

Break Charity would like to say a huge thank you to Anglia Framing who framed a Norwich City Football shirt, for free,  to enable us to use it at an auction in aid of the charity.


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