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Catton Grove Primary School

Dragon name:  Grover

Dragon design:  Following the session with our visiting artist, Jim Kavanagh, our children worked independently on their own designs.  We asked the children to think about what other children would like to see now and in the future.  They said the design needed to be as colourful as possible with lots of fun elements and twists to surprise the people who take the time to look at our dragon.  We then chose many of the elements the children had used to include on our dragon.  The children are extremely proud of their dragon and can’t wait to see it in the Forum this summer. 

Find Grover in the Forum from 4th July.  In September he will return to Catton Grove to take pride of place in the school.

A55Kate Shearing  Catton Grove Primary

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Break Charity would like to say a massive thank you to all the pupils, staff & families at Catton Grove School who have saved money in the special GoGoDragons! collecting boxes & raised an amazing £276.87.

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