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Ormiston Victory Academy

Dragon name: Banter Claws

Dragon design: Banter Claws is Ormiston Victory Academy’s tribute to the hard and valuable work Break does to support young people.  It represents the “spirit of victory” –  overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness with the support of a community.

We want to be a part of GoGoDragons! 2015 because our students are passionate about helping others – and they love to be creative. Our students meet at our Baraza once each week and they have put a great deal of thought into how best to use our dragon so it reflects our learning community.

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A73 Ormiston Victory Academy


Find Banter Claws in F Hinds Jewellers in the Castle Mall.  He is 1 of 19 dragons in the Castle Mall – find them all & claim your free dragon badge!  Break Charity would like to say many thanks to F Hinds Jewellers who have very generously donated a beautiful pendant for us to use in an auction at one of our fundraising events.   Funds raised will go directly towards helping to change young lives in Norfolk & East Anglia.

F Hinds are also holding a collecting tin for Break Charity – ideal for any spare change when you are enjoying the dragon trail!  Many thanks


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