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Lakenham Primary School

Dragon name: Cosmos

Dragon design:  Our dragon, Cosmos, was born from the ideas of our year 5 pupils.  After much creative thought and work, the pupils decided on a theme of “day and night”, which is reflected on the two sides of the dragon.  This natural dichotomy can also be seen repeated in other areas of the dragon design such as the use of the “ying and yang” symbol and the need of sun and rain to create a rainbow.

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Lakenham Primary A114

Please visit Cosmos in Bango Mango in the Castle Mall from 4th July – 5th September.  Cosmos is one of 19 schools dragons in the Castle Mall and there is a treasure trail to find them all – for a prize!

Cosmos will then return to Lakenham Primary School in September to no doubt take pride of place.

Break Charity would like to say thank you to Bango Mango for holding a collecting tin for Break – ideal for any spare change when you are enjoying the dragon trail!  Many thanks.


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