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Sprowston Junior School

Dragon name:  Sprowston Spitfire

Dragon design: Our baby GoGoDragon! is called Sprowston Spitfire and has been designed by every pupil in our school.  Each year group were given their own section and colours to create our masterpiece.  We had great fun – each piece is an individual piece of artwork, attached in a decoupage style.

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Find “Sprowston Spitfire” in Nova Silver 6 Lower Goat Lane from 4th July.  In September he will return to live at school, alongside their GoGoGorilla from 2013.

Break Charity is very grateful to Nova Silver who have donated a lovely prize to use in a future fundraising event.  They are also holding a collecting tin for Break, who help to change young lives in Norfolk & East Anglia.  Please pop in any spare change when you are enjoying the dragon trail!  Many thanks




Break Charity is also hugely grateful to the pupils, staff & families at Sprowston Junior School who have been saving change in our GoGoDragons! collecting boxes.  You have collected an amazing £99.26.  This will all go towards helping to change young lives in Norfolk & East Anglia.

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