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Thorpe House Langley

“Dragon name:  Yoso

Dragon design:  “Yoso” is based around our 4 school houses (Beech, Holly, Pine and Willow) with each element (Water, Fire, Wind, Earth) representing a house.

As a school, we decided that we wanted every pupil to be represented on the dragon.  Each pupil, from Reception to KS2, designed their own scale which they then drew on Yoso, making him a collaborative and inclusive dragon.  He truly represents the individuals who make up the THLPS family.

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Thorpe House, Langley A19

Please find Yoso in Aurum Jewellers, 9 Swan Lane from 4th July.  He will return to Thorpe House Langley School in September to live happily ever after.

Break Charity would like to say a big thank you to Aurum Jewellers who have kindly donated a prize to use at a fundraising event for Break.  They are also holding a Break collecting tin if you would like to pop in any spare change whilst you are enjoying the dragon trail.  Many thanks!

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