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Fairhaven CE VA Primary School, South Walsham

Dragon name:  Noble Ethel Emerges from the Broads

Dragon design:  Our dragon is a combination of several designs.  Every child had the opportunity to submit a design and ideas were selected from these.  Images which reflect our Broadland environment, our School’s active interest in nature and our belief that everyone in our school matters were chosen.  Every child in our school contributed something towards the final project.

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This fabulous dragon can be found in the Break Charity shop on Unthank Road from 4th July to 5th September.  This shop will also be selling the EDP GoGoDragons! sticker book & stickers  Enjoy the walk from the City Centre, ticking off many large dragons on your trail map on the way.  Webby the dragon is also on Unthank Road, outside Webster’s estate agents – enter their competition to win an annual family Merlin pass to the UK’s top attractions!

Break Charity would like to say a huge thank you to Fairhaven Primary School for saving change in the special GoGoDragon! collecting boxes.  They have raised an amazing £121.59.

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