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St William’s Primary School

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News from Miss Blackman on the day the dragon was launched at St William’s primary school;

“The children have all been really engaged trying to establish what is in our ‘mystery box’. We have placed ‘A1’ (codename) inside a large cardboard box, covered in ‘feely’ holes obscured by pieces of black sack. Under the box we also had an iPad with a loop of a creature snoring! It has gone down a treat.”


Dragon name: Shine

Dragon design: Children at St William’s were asked to think about our motto; Learn, Laugh, Shine, when designing our school dragon.  A competition took place in which the children were all able to consider what they all shine at,  both in and out of school. The children were inspired by their own achievements!  The children’s designs were then judged by our school Governors who chose a design from each year group to be represented on the final dragon.  Aaron Fickling, artist and designer from Laszlo Creative, then aided the children in bringing their own designs to life and creating our dragon, Shine!

St Williams primary A1

Location of dragon from 4th July: Castle Mall, Vodafone store.



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