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Hamlet Centre Trust, Children’s Centre

The Hamlet Centre have two dragons:

Dragon name 1: Spineshot

Dragon design: The dragon has been created by a group of young adults with disabilities that attend the Hamlet Centre.  It is a unique design based on our students being individual, creative and wanting to be involved inspiring the community with their artwork.

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Hamlet Centre Spineshot A57



Spineshot is on display in The Forum until 5th September.  He will then return to the Hamlet Centre to no doubt take pride of place






Dragon number 2: Sparky

Dragon design: Sparky the dragon was created by many of the children who attend the Hamlet Centre, Johnson place.  Children had the opportunity to design their own dragon at home and these were then collected to provide the International Norfolk based artist and illustrator,  Lucy Lovehart, with inspiration for supporting the children to create our finished dragon.  The green and pink paint used either side of the dragon provided a base for the creation that then unfolded.  Some children used pencils to etch shapes onto the paint as an alternative way of mark making and creating dragon scales.  All children had the opportunity to sprinkle magic glitter dust over the dragon at some point during the process.  It is believed by all those that this glitter dust is what has transformed our dragon into a magical piece of art that could actually make wishes come true.

Hamlet Centre Sparky A59

Sparky is also proudly on display in The Forum.  He will return to the Hamlet Centre after 5th September to live happily ever after.

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