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Dragon name: Lumina

Dragon design: Our dragon has been named “Lumina” inspired by the Goddess of Sun.  Our dragon shows fire and ice.  We looked at how we could use the elements and nature to create our design.  We were inspired by a visit to the Guildhall in Norwich.  The scales represent fire and ice and show our inspiration from the stained glass window.

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Look out for “Lumina” in Officers Club in Castle Mall.  Find all 19 in the Castle Mall, claim a special dragon badge & be entered into a prize draw.

Break Charity is very grateful to Officers Club for donating a prize to use at a future fundraising event.  They are also holding a collecting tin for Break – ideal for any spare change when you are enjoying the dragon trail!  Many thanks

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CNS “dragon story”, as written by one of their students:

3rd March 2015
At the moment we have been doing things to do with English history for our dragon. We have been to guildhall to discover different ways to paint. Such as we used egg yolk to water down the paint which is made of grinded down rocks and earth. We have also been given a place to research in Norwich to get an idea of English history and present.

10th March 2015
We have the dragon and have started painting it, we have a guideline on the dragon as our teacher has added scales onto it in pencil so we can colour the dragon using acrylic paint. We are doing a fading affect as the colours go from fire to ice shades. We are adding photos of our dragon evolving on our Twitter page @CNS_art

17th March 2015
We have carried on with the stained glass window effect and have decided on the name of Lumina. Named after the goddess of sun and aluminous (a mix between the both names). This is because our colour scheme is starting off with a red on the head and fading into a light blue colour to the tail. That is sort of how the sky goes, it fades from yellow from the sun to blue which is the shadow.

Photo of the students painting their dragon & a photo of the students visiting their completed dragon, which is now on display to the public in Officers Club in the Castle Mall.

CNS 1st photo March 15     CNS in Officers Club



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