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St George’s Infant & Nursery School, Gt Yarmouth

Dragon name: Flame, the friendly dragon and protector of children

Dragon design: As St George’s Infant school has a dragon on our logo, we decided that we wanted our dragon to look like a dragon! We painted Flame red, our school colour and then every child added thumb print scales.  With flame details on his wings and a shield on his chest, this completes our design.

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St Georges Infant A9

“Flame” is enjoying the company of other school’s dragons in intu Chapelfield until 5th September.  He will then return to St George’s Infant and Nursery School where no doubt he will take pride of place.

Break Charity would like to say a massive thank you to St George’s Infant and Nursery School for fundraising and donating £41.66 to help change young lives.

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