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Once Upon A Time Nursery

Dragon name: Once upon a dragon

Dragon design: We have three nursery’s in Norwich and we asked the parents and children at each nursery to come up with ideas for names and designs.  The Management team then chose their favourite design and name as a starting point.  The idea of “Once upon a dragon” with books and words from stories made up by the children coming from the pages really appealed to us.  Each of the three nursery’s have been involved in decorating one of his wings or his tail with their finger print.

Once Upon A Time Nursery website click here

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“Once upon a dragon” is on display in The Forum  from 4th July to 5th September.  He will then return to the nursery to live happily ever after.

Break Charity would like to say a Massive Thank You to all the children, staff & families from Once Upon a time Nursery School who have collected an amazing £355.95 in the special GoGoDragons! collecting boxes.

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