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Respect4us School, Norfolk

Dragon name:  Icy

Dragon design:  The Respect4us GoGoDragon! has been designed by our KS2 group.  This is a very small group who as based at Hautbois House in Coltishall.  Most attend main stream school and come to us for a day a week to help them re-engage with education in a slightly different way.  Before they even saw the dragon they went to the library to research dragons.  After looking at several different books they went back to base to design and name their dragon.  As a group they decided to call their dragon Icy and it is a girl.

They worked every week on how she would look when finished and the artist helped them with the final design.  Icy will breath icicles rather than fire!

Before Icy was handed back for the trail, she was taken to each school our youngsters attend so they could show everyone what they had created.

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Respect 4 us A18

Icy is on display in The Forum and will return to Respect 4 Us in September to no doubt take pride of place.









“Icy” is nearly finished & looking great!


Respect 4 Us 3 Respect 4 Us 2 respect 4 us 1

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