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Thank you to all our artists for the amazing level of creativity and design producing such incredible dragons for our 2015 trail.

Ashman cut out Cavell cut out Draco cut out Patch cut outmorgan cut out

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green GGD logo WS

Hannah Nelson – Dream Land

Introducing Dream Land Dragon sponsored by Castle Mall Norwich, designed and... View More

Dragonwith girl tattoo

Darren Smith – Dragon with the Girl Tattoo

Introducing Dragon with the Girl Tattoo sponsored by Green Home Energy Solutions,... View More

Helen L Smith WS

Helen L Smith – GoGo KingTut

Introducing GoGo KingTut the dragon sponsored by Friends of Iceni, designed... View More

biggles white back

Mik Richardson – Biggles

Introducing Biggles sponsored by Almary Green, designed and painted by... View More

Hilary Sanderson

Hilary Sanderson – Wellington

Introducing Wellington dragon sponsored by Brown & Co, designed and painted by... View More

Phil daniels WS

Phil Daniels – Ashman

Introducing Ashman, the Norwich City Football Dragon sponsored by Barclays Bank,... View More

View More

fiona gowen WS

Fiona Gowen – Circuit

Introducing Fiona’s design Circuit the dragon for University Tech College.... View More

green GGD logo WS

Laura Moore – Fun Square

Introducing Fun Square sponsored by Anglia Square, designed and painted by... View More

Sally Adams WS

Sally Adams – The Dragtabulous Delores

Introducing ‘The Dragtabulous Delores’ sponsored by Holiday Inn Norwich North, designed... View More

Deven bhurke WS

Deven Bhurke – Dragle

Introducing Fatsos Dragon Dragle! Sponsored by sponsor Anglia Restaurants, designed and painted... View More

green GGD logo WS

Lisa Kirkham – Mighty Oakus

Introducing Mighty Oakus sponsored by Wayland Academy designed and painted by... View More

childs play

Sophie Green – Child’s Play

Introducing Child’s Play Dragon is sponsored by Jarrolds of Norwich, designed and... View More

Draco WS

Illona Clark – Draco

Introducing Draco one of our GoGo Mini designs. Draco is... View More

John Stokes WS

John Stokes – GoGoMadder

Introducing GoGoMadder, sponsored by The Maddermarket Theatre, designed and painted by... View More


Jessica Copping – RaptorsFire

Introducing Raptor’s Fire sponsored by Cooks Blinds, designed and painted... View More

birdie white back

Alex Egan – Birdy

Introducing Birdy Dragon sponsored by Smart Shop, and designed and... View More

green GGD logo WS

Phil Daniels – Norwich Twilight

Introducing Norwich Twilight sponsored by Norwich BID, designed and painted by... View More


Matt Reeve – VroomVroom

Introducing VroomVroom sponsored by Dingles Motor Group, designed and painted... View More

Eye spy

Hannah Nelson – Eye Spy Cecil

Introducing Eye Spy sponsored by Cecil Amey, designed and painted... View More


Pat Kennewell – Falkor

Pat is creating and designing the dragon for Riverside Entertainment.... View More


John Lewis In House team – Sapphire

John Lewis have sponsored, created and designed their dragon Sapphire.... View More

Cat flambeau WS

Cat Finlayson – Flambeau

Introducing Flambeau sponsored by Norwich Gas Centre, designed and painted by... View More

green GGD logo WS

Sam Stark – GoGoCaptain USA

Introducing GoGoCaptain USA sponsored by Sash Windows Preservation, designed and... View More

Sunbeam WS

Raymond Noakes – Sunbeam

Introducing Sunbeam sponsored by Zing Insights designed and painted by Raymond Noakes. ‘The... View More

Emma Hedgecoe WS

Emma Hedgecoe – Cyril The Dragon

Introducing Ridgeon’s Timber & Builders Merchants Dragon designed and painted by Emma Hedgecoe.... View More

Bev Coraldean WES

Beverley Gene Coraldean – Fiesta

Introducing NPS Norwich Ltd Dragon designed and created by Beverley Gene Coraldean.... View More

Airport Press reveal WS

Paul Jackson – Wish You Were Here

Introducing Wish You Were Here sponsored by  Norwich International Airport, designed and... View More

Beeston George

Samuel Thomas – Gorgeous George the Beast of Beeston

Introducing Gorgeous George the Beast of Beeston for the The Beeston... View More

Bev Coraldean WES

Bev Coraldean – Webby

Introducing Bev’s Dragon Webby?- Sponsored by Websters Estate Agents, designed and painted... View More


Ryan Newell – GoGoHoratio

Introducing GoGoHoratio sponsored by Signs Express, designed and painted by Ryan Newell.

Morgan WS

Sophie Green – Morgan

Introducing Morgan sponsored by Norfolk & Norwich Organ Donation, designed... View More

Helen First Bus Artist WS

Helen L Smith – Double Decker

Introducing Double Decker sponsored by FirstBus Group, painted and designed by Helen L... View More

Keiron Williamson

Kieron Williamson – Luda

Introducing Arnold’s Keys Dragon, designed and painted by Kieron Williamson. Inspiration... View More

Bev with Sprite snap

Bev Coraldean – Sprite Snap

Introducing Bev’s Dragon Sprite Snap – Sponsored by Coleman’s Opticians, designed and painted by... View More

green GGD logo WS

Hazel Ashley – Fun at the Seaside

Hazel Ashley is creating the dragon for Alymerton Field &... View More


Ross White – Dragon Fly

Introducing Dragon Fly Sponsored by Shred Station Ltd, designed and painted... View More


Carolyn Ash – GoGoMosaic

Introducing GoGoMosaic Sponsored by Leathes Prior, designed and produced in mosaic tiles by... View More


Valerie Osment – Buzz

Introducing Buzz sponsored by Castle Mall Norwich, designed and painted by... View More

Claire Frances Smith WS

Claire Frances Smith – GoGoSteggles

Introducing GoGoSteggles sponsored by Steggles Larner, designed and painted by Claire... View More

Orchard white back

Orchard Toys Team – Snap

Snap the dragon created, designed and sponsored by Orchard Toys.

Hannah Scorcher school

Hannah Nelson – Scorcher!

Introducing Scorcher! sponsored by  Clapham & Collinge, designed and painted by Hannah... View More

valerie Osment WS

Valerie Osment – Sherlock

Introducing ‘Sherlock’ Sponsored by Watsons Property, designed and painted by Valerie... View More

green GGD logo WS

Will Adams – The Rise & Demise of the Dinosaur

The Rise & Demise of the Dinosaur has been designed,... View More

Antonella WS

Antonella Beschorner – Skipper

Introducing Skipper! The Royal Arcade dragon after the architect George Skipper.... View More


Alix Carter – Tuppence

Introducing The Tuppence Dragon sponsored by The Forum Norwich, designed and... View More

Hilary Sanderson WS

Hilary Sanderson – Wonder Dragon

Introducing Wonder Dragon is sponsored by Contract Personnel. Hilary is... View More

Norwich School white back

Norwich School Created – Norvica Serafina

Serafina created, designed and sponsored by Norwich School.  

Mik Richardson with Steam Punk WS

Mik Richardson – Steam – The Clockwork Dragon

Introducing Steam The Clockwork Dragon sponsored by Product Resolutions, designed... View More

EDP artist Martin Wall WS

Martin Wall – George The Dragon

Introducing George The Dragon sponsored by Archant (Eastern Daily Press... View More


Illona Clark – Rosie

Introducing Rosie sponsored by Cottage Hair & Beauty Salon designed and created... View More

Teresa Hill

Teresa Hill – ‘Dragon Heart’ of Norfolk

Introducing APR Telecoms dragon, designed and painted by Teresa Hill. Teresa Ann... View More

Gloria with Jo

Jo Cane – Gloria, The Garden Dragon

Introducing Gloria, The Garden Dragon sponsored for the community by... View More

mandii stormy

Mandii Pope – Stormy

Introducing stormy sponsored by Anglia Restaurants Castle Carvery Racecourse, designed... View More

Julia Allum WS

Julia Allum – Drewscilla Dragon

Introducing ‘Drewscilla’ sponsored by Butcher Andrews, designed and painted by Julia Allum.... View More


Roberta Wood – Clang

Introducing Clang sponsored by NPS Group, designed and painted by Roberta Wood and the... View More

Susie Ovens WS

Suzi Ovens – McFly

Introducing McFly! sponsored by Aspiration Europe designed and painted by Suzi. GoGoMcFly can... View More

mandii oakley

Mandii Pope – Oakley

Introducing Oakley sponsored by Joinery Yard, designed and painted by... View More

Susan Gunn WS

Susan Gunn – Mr Wing

Introducing the Dragon for Norwich BID designed and painted by Susan Gunn.... View More

owen and indy

Owen Wright – IndyGoGo500

IndyGoGo500 is sponsored by Mayday OES Ltd. and designed and... View More


Hilary Sanderson – Spidy Dragon

Introducing Spidy Dragon sponsored by Hollywood Cinema, designed and painted... View More

Matt with Patch WS

Matt Reeve – Patch

Introducing Patch sponsored by Ashton KCJ by artist Matt Reeve which... View More


Jessica Copping – Bajestic

Introducing Bajestic, she is sponsored by Norfolk Scouts, designed and painted by Jessica... View More

green GGD logo WS

Alex Egan – Duff

Introducing Duff for Duffields, designed and painted by Alex Egan.... View More


Alex Egan – Storr Hiroa

Introducing the Dragon for Norse Group designed and painted by Alex Egan. Alex... View More


Bridget Parsons – Daisy the Dragon

Introducing Daisy the Dragon sponsored by Copy IT Digital Solutions, designed and... View More


Matt Reeve – Aurelia Dragon

Introducing Aurelia (meaning Golden) sponsored by Marks & Spencer Norwich, designed... View More

cavell white back

Samuel Thomas – Cavell

Introducing Cavell Dragon sponsored jointly by Almary Green & Aspiration... View More

Cat gorilla WS

Cat Finlayson – 00Mustard

Introducing 00Mustard sponsored by Mustard TV designed and painted by Cat Finlayson.... View More

Mik Richardson with Soup dragon WS

Mik Richardson – Soup Dragon

Introducing Soup Dragon sponsored by Intu Chapelfield, designed and painted... View More

Paul Jackson Mother of Dragons WS

Paul Jackson – Mother of Dragons

Introducing Mother of Dragons sponsored by  R G Carters, designed... View More

Bling WS

Martin Wall – Bling

Introducing Bling sponsored by T W Gaze Auctioneers, designed and... View More

fiona gowen WS

Fiona Gowen – Dennis

Fiona is creating and designing the dragon Dennis for Konectbus... View More

charlie vince WS

Charli Vince – Dragon’s Hoard

Introducing Dragon’s Hoard sponsored by Dipples the Jewellers, designed and painted... View More


Peter & Jayne Smith – KnickerBockerGloria

Inroducing KnickerBockerGloria sponsored by Bluebird Care, designed and painted by Peter... View More

green GGD logo WS

Laura Taylor – NOD (No Ordinary Dragon)

Laura Taylor is the art teacher for Jane Austen College... View More

Phil daniels WS

Phil Daniels – Bittern & Wherry

Phil has been commissioned to create and design the Arbellio... View More