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Locksley School

Dragon name: Robin of Locksley

Dragon design: The theme for the Locksley School and the Short Stay Schools for Norfolk dragon is “scenes of Norwich”.

Pupils were asked to nominate and discuss their favourite landmarks in Norwich and the surrounding area.  The scenes depicted on the dragon show students’ interest in art, architecture, nature and cars.  The variety of images captures their pride in our “Fine City”.

Locksley A94

Please visit Robin of Locksley in intu Chapelfield until 5th September.  He will then return to the Locksley School to no doubt take pride of place









The Locksley School in Norwich is delighted to be taking part in the GoGoDragons scheme.

Krissy Barrett, Arts Instructor

January 2015

We provide a diverse and comprehensive range of services and support for young people as part of the Short Stay School for Norfolk. Many have felt that they do not fit into a mainstream school and need an alternative provision.

For our students, whose ages range from 5- 16 a project such as this will help them to express themselves in an artistic way. The rewards for them will be many; the individual planning and sketching, discussions to choose a design, actually decorating the dragon and then the opportunity to visit the finished dragon as part of the GoGoDragon! trail in the summer.

They can take family/carers to see their work that champions not only them and their efforts but the Short Stay School group as a whole. Once the scheme has finished the Locksley dragon will return to us to welcome future visitors and students to our school.

Our great thanks to the trustees of the Alderman John Norman Foundation for making it possible for us to be part of this project.

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