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Ashleigh Infant School & Nursery

Ashleigh Infant & Nursery school have two school dragons as the Parent, Teacher Association kindly funded one of them.

Dragon name: Ashleigh

Dragon design: Ashleigh is a dragon all about our school.  Everyone thought about what Ashleigh Infant school meant to them.  The ideas were pulled together to create a dragon called “Ashleigh”.  We have a lovely large outdoor space which provides opportunities for stimulating and exciting learning experiences – this featured heavily in the children’s designs.  All our classes are linked with a rainbow; the dragon’s tail has made an excellent rainbow! The children also came up with lots of words that they associate with our school.  These now decorate the dragon’s wings.  Most importantly they felt they are “happy children”!  Finally, “we are all stars; Ashleigh makes us shine” is a phrase that epitomises everything we believe at Ashleigh so this appears on the dragon along with stars decorated by the children.

Ashleigh Infant A16

Dragon name number two: Sparkle

Dragon design: “We are all stars; Ashleigh makes us shine” is our school motto and epitomises everything we believe in at Ashleigh.  We value the child, the whole family and all staff.  As part of our dragon project we invited families to come in and work with their children.  Everyone then decorated a star which has been put onto our dragon.  If we work together we can all shine!

Ashleigh Infant Sparkle A17










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Asheigh and Sparkle are both spending the summer holidays in The Forum.  In September they will return to the school to no doubt take pride of place.


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