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Hewett School, Norwich

Dragon name:  Everyman Dragon

Dragon name: We based the theme of the dragon on how animals adapt to fit into their environments visually either for camouflage or protection.  As the dragon is a mythical or magical creature we decided that our dragon would have the ability to change it’s skin to match any environment or situation it found himself in.  He is therefore able to transform his skin colour and pattern at will.

Our dragon is painted as if it is in the process of scrolling through many different states before settling on one in particular.  We also wanted our dragon to reflect the complexity of the contributing students and the many different ideas, backgrounds and feelings.  


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Hewett School A64

Please visit Everyman Dragon at Anteros Arts 7 – 15 Fye Bridge Street until 5th September.  He will then return to Hewett School to no doubt take pride of place.

Break Charity are grateful to Anteros Arts who are holding a collecting tin for Break – ideal for any spare change when you are enjoying the dragon trail!  Many thanks

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