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Gresham’s Prep School

Dragon name: Hopper

Dragon design:  “Hopper’s” design combines the Gresham’s School logo (the grasshopper and key) with Keith Haring inspired figurative images.  Gresham’s Prep School held a whole school competition to find a winning design.  Four designs were chosen, combined, then collaged and painted onto the baby dragon.  The winners were Archie Osborne (Year 8), Zelia Holmes (Year 7), Cate May (Year 7), and Elfie Anema-Galpin (Year 6)

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“Hopper” will have a temporary home from 4th July in Louis Deli, 81 Upper St Giles Street.  He will return to Gresham’s in September.

Break Charity are very grateful to Louis Deli for donating a prize to use in a future fundraising event and for holding a collecting tin for Break – ideal for your spare change after buying delicious food in the deli! Many thanks!

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