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St Peter’s C of E Primary School

Dragon name: Jig-roar

Dragon design: “Jig-roar” is a representation of what the children of St Peter’s Primary perceive our school to be.  All of the children from Yr R to Yr 6 were given the opportunity to create a design for our dragon and we amalgamated several winning designs to create our finished masterpiece.  With the support of our visiting artist, Mrs Maryanne Old, “Jig-roar” reflects the ideas of “everyone included, embracing diversity, fitting together & working together”.  Children from 4 – 11 years helped to paint the dragon.

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Break Charity is very grateful to everybody at St Peter’s Primary School who saved coins in the special GoGoDragons! collecting boxes.  A brilliant £79.13 has been raised which will really help to change young lives in Norfolk


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Jig-roar was on display in Rymans in the Castle Mall over the summer.   There were 19 schools dragons in the Mall. Jig-roar is now living happily ever after at St Peter’s Primary School

Break Charity are also very grateful to Rymans who donated a prize to use at a future fundraising event.

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