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Antonella Beschorner – Skipper

Introducing Skipper! The Royal Arcade dragon after the architect George Skipper.  Sponsored by Legal & General, designed and painted by Antonella Beschorner.

Looking back through her artistic history of drawing and painting, it has been an ever changing journey.  Ever since she can remember Antonella has always loved myths, legends and fantasy filled fairy tales.  She was always endeavouring to re-create my own scenarios continually visiting ancient buildings throughout Britain and Europe from my childhood has helped give her the motivation that has been constant theme in her work.  Living in an illusory world has always been my own attempt to escape from our everyday world stricken with unease and misgivings.  She has thrown myself into a dramatic and imaginary world particularly inspired by the great gothic novels, art and architecture of the romantic era.  She has also been greatly influenced by my dreams and the surreal quality of dream art which she uses in her imaginary landscapes and seascapes.

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