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Helen L Smith – GoGo KingTut

Introducing GoGo KingTut the dragon sponsored by Friends of Iceni, designed and painted by Helen L Smith.

GoGo KingTut dragon is inspired by Howard Carter’s discovery of the treasure of Tutankhamun. Carter grew up in Norfolk, so that was a nice link, and a good excuse to paint a colourful dragon with lots of gold on it. I studied lots of photos of the treasure when working out the designs and colours.
I have been working as a freelance illustrator near Colchester for many years. Normally I work pretty small, designing images for greetings cards, embroidery kits and gift products, so it was great to get away from the desk and paint something large and 3D for a change. I enjoyed painting a giant giraffe for Colchester Zoo’s Stand Tall trail in 2013, so when I heard about the dragons I was keen to have a new challenge.
Helen’s website, Facebook Page and twitter account @helen64214212.
Dragon’s twitter @GoGoKingTut 
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