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Peter & Jayne Smith – KnickerBockerGloria

Inroducing KnickerBockerGloria sponsored by Bluebird Care, designed and painted by Peter and Jayne Smith.

Peter & Jayne Smith, the award winning international contemporary artists and creators of one of the UK’s most collectable artworks, the famous striped rotund characters called the Impossimals®

Since their creation in 2002 the Impossimals have gone from strength to strength and can be found in art collections worldwide in the form of original oils, limited editions and sculpture.

Currently Peter and Jayne are working with L.A. based Suppertime Entertainment, Canadian animation partners Yowza! and Christopher Keenan’s Creating4Kids to bring the Impossimals to an even wider audience with their own highly anticipated worldwide animated series. The Impossimals are exclusively published by Washington Green Fine Art.

For more of Peter Smith’s work and home of the Impossimals.

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