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Teresa Hill – ‘Dragon Heart’ of Norfolk

Introducing APR Telecoms dragon, designed and painted by Teresa Hill.

Teresa Ann Hill graduated from Norwich School of Art in the 90’s.  Teresa is an artist living and working in Norfolk.  She is equally at home painting in oils, acrylic and watercolour with the natural world as her main source of inspiration.

Teresa’s work is constantly evolving whilst she strives to capture that essential element – atmosphere, movement and light – which motivates her to pick up her brush and paint.

“‘Dragon Heart of Norfolk’  was initially created from the sponsor’s desire for me to include 15 Norfolk towns which are close to his heart.  Dragon imagery is firmly ensconced in our Norfolk history therefore it seemed only right to retain the ‘dragoness’ of the model whilst at the same time enabling the viewer to peek into the windows and see ‘Norfolk’ – its towns, flora, fauna and landscape.

Every illustration on Dragon Heart is individually hand painted in acrylic.

My gratitude to photographers Bill Pound, Ronnie Tyler, Damien Waters and The Walking Englishman for allowing to base some of the painting on their wonderful work.”

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