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Charli Vince – Dragon’s Hoard

Introducing Dragon’s Hoard sponsored by Dipples the Jewellers, designed and painted by Charli Vince. You can see Dragon’s Hoard in the flesh in the GoGoDragons Castle Mall shop.

Charli is a 22 year old Norwich-based illustrator with a love for all things sci-fi, dogs and science. She graduated from Norwich University of the Arts with a BA Hons in Illustration in July 2014 after completing her foundation diploma at distinction level at Colchester Institute.

Her work focuses on reality and accuracy while twisting and manipulating both those things to create visually striking and unique illustrations.She finds herself most driven when working off a scientific or mathematical subject. Despite not having any professional training or study under her belt in these fields she’s always had a huge appreciation and fascination for them so she loves nothing more than bringing their theories and aesthetics into the ever growing world of illustration.

Charli has a blog running with her progress

Charli’s website

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