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Samuel Thomas – Gorgeous George the Beast of Beeston

Introducing Gorgeous George the Beast of Beeston for the The Beeston Group, designed and painted by Samuel Thomas.

We can all be guilty flying off to exotic locations across the world as soon as we get the opportunity; but in doing so we forget how brilliant Norfolk is as the perfect holiday destination! This dragon covered in the Union Jack flag aims to show that we should always be ready to fly the flag of Great Britain and avoid taking it for granted when we have so much on our doorstep! This design sponsored by the Beaton groups holiday & camping parks translates the idea that there’s nothing better than a Great British camping holiday in Norfolk & Suffolk.

Established Norfolk based artist Samuel Thomas has a wide audience who follow him within the UK and all over the world. Samuel explains his painting style; ‘it’s best described as a day-dream played out on canvas; not quite in touch with reality – but that’s what we all long for isn’t it – to escape our reality from time to time!’ Through the artists vision we are encouraged to share the idea that perhaps the grass really is greener on the other side! Samuel paints visions and projections of the self into a better future, these are not backward looking pastiches, but timeless and refreshing visions and projections of the self into a better future. Samuel has founded his very own painting style that is truly unique, euphoric and mesmerising.

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