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Valerie Osment – Sherlock

Introducing ‘Sherlock’ Sponsored by Watsons Property, designed and painted by Valerie Osment.

Valerie Osment is a Professional Visual Artist whose work includes art commissions for the public and private sectors.

With a degree in graphic design & illustration, her work encompasses multiple mediums and visual art forms to create site and purpose specific pieces in 2D and 3D form.

Specialisms in arts education, participatory arts engagement & interpretation work have seen Valerie undertakes numerous high profile public art projects, residencies and commissions for a wide range of clients, thus developing a deserved reputation for her distinctive versatile creativity and illustrative style.

Recent large-scale projects include: Year of the Bus (Wild in Art/Transport for London): Books About Town (Wild in Art/National Literacy Trust); Le Tour de France; The Big Draw; Stand Tall for Giraffes (Wild in Art/Colchester Zoo); The Legacy Games; Essex Cultural Olympiad; Olympic & Paralympic Torch Relays.

GoGoDragon Sherlock

GoGo Dragon Sherlock is a vibrant and modern version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous ‘consulting detective’, Sherlock Holmes.

Portraying the famous sleuth in classic Sherlock Holmes style with a contemporary twist, the dragon’s iconic character is instantly recognisable to all.

Bringing this detective dragon right up to date, the design combines both Benedict Cumberbatch’s modern TV Sherlock and Robert Downey Junior’s film version with classic elements that have been associated with the fictional character for over 100 years. Hence a modern long dark tweed jacket with red thread edged button holes, silk cravat, brogue shoes, curly hair wisps and ‘mind palace map’ appear happily alongside a traditional brown harris tweed waistcoat and trousers, deerstalker hat, violin, pipe and pocketwatch.

In the blue multi-pocketed ‘question mark’ motif silk lining displayed across the dragon’s wings are key Sherlock Holmes iconography so instantaneously conjured up and identified with the character. These include: his magnifying glass; notebook and fountain pen; famous Sherlock quotes; Conan Doyle book titles and a Baker Street road sign with 221B brass front door number, the location of where the detective lives.

With GoGo Sherlock’s reliable partner Dr. Watson provided by his aptly named sponsor Watsons Property, this dragon is sure to raise a smile with everyone who sees him!

Twitter: @GoGoSherlock

Calling all Sherlock Fans

Are you a Sherlock ‘wannabee’? For a bit of fun and an opportunity to win your own little mini GoGoDragon, why not enter our ‘Sherlock Holmes Selfie’ competition. We want to see how good you can make yourself look like Sherlock Holmes or even Dr Watson. Find Sherlock on London Street and take your selfie and send to us. We would love all types of Sherlocks and Dr Watsons to enter, of all ages.

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