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Pupils enjoy dragon hunting fun in Norwich

Pupils from Nelson Infant School, in Norwich, have been having fun dragon hunting around the city.

The Northumberland Street school created one of the 120 baby GoGoDragons! currently dotted around Norwich, and on Monday pupils from the school’s year two Beech and Sycamore classes went to visit him at his home for the summer.

Called Nelson, the seafaring dragon is currently on display at the Grosvenor Fish Bar, in Lower Goat Lane, and teacher Kerensa Healy said the pupils were very excited to see him peering out of window.

She said: “All the children in the school are represented on the dragon. Our dragon has a Nelson-type hat and all the children, from reception through to year two, each made a scale which we attached to the dragon. Year two also made his medals and year one made his buttons.”

She said the school had also used the dragon project to teach pupils about the history of Nelson and had done some fundraising for children’s charity Break.

As well as saying hello to their dragon on Monday, the pupils also enjoyed a having chips for lunch at the fish bar and spotted about seven other dragons in the city.

The GoGoDragons! project has been brought to Norwich by Break and Wild in Art.

Eighty-four large dragons – decorated by local artists and sponsored by local businesses – have flown into the city along with the 120 baby dragons created by schools, youth organisations and community groups. The schools aspect of GoGoDragons! is being led by The Forum.

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