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Meet Webby – a fire-breather full of dragons

Eighty-four GoGoDragons! have made Norwich their home this summer, and dragon-hunters who look closely at one of the characters will find dozens more hidden in the city’s streets.emma knights reports

Dragons can be seen almost everywhere you look in Norwich this summer – and on one of the fire-breathing beasts there are even more dragons to be found.

Webby – one of the 84 characters in the GoGoDragons! art trail – features a wonderfully intricate illustrated map of our fine city, and hidden among the landmarks are more than 60 dragons doing everything from enjoying a pint at Norwich Beer Festival to visiting Norwich Castle.

Norwich-based artist Beverley Gene Coraldean spent more than 120 hours decorating Webby, who can be found outside the office of his sponsor, Websters Estate Agents, in Unthank Road.

“Webby is decorated in a ye olde-style map of what Norwich would be like if the dragons were to stay after the trail – what life would be like for them and what they would get up to,” said Miss Coraldean, 30.

“There are dragons inside, outside, drinking at Norwich Beer Festival, having a picnic in the park, playing table tennis. There are some sleeping ones and ones that look like they’ve claimed their own territory.

“There are also lots of baby ones, including eggs and dragons just hatching out of eggs.”

Norwich Cathedral, City Hall and Norwich Market are among the many landmarks that can be seen on Webby, and Miss Coraldean said creating a map of Norwich on a dragon-shaped canvas was quite a challenge.

“On Webby it was tricky getting the roads to meet in the right places around the curves of the dragon but it has made for an interesting interpretation of Norwich,” she said. “I started drawing Norwich Market in the middle of the front of the dragon and then worked outwards from there. Luckily it all came together but some roads have ended up longer or shorter than they normally would be – and when there was a gap I put in a dragon!”

Websters Estate Agents is challenging dragon-hunters to guess the number of dragons and dragons’ eggs on Webby. The competition runs until September 5 and entry forms can be picked up from the estate agents.

Emma Webster, director of Websters, said: “The detail on the dragon is so intricate and interesting. We watch dragon-hunters searching for ages, looking for the street where they live or the street where they work… Those little dragons are hiding in every nook and cranny!”

The GoGoDragons! trail has been brought to Norwich by Break and Wild in Art. Each of the 84 decorated dragons has been designed by local artists and sponsored by local organisations. There is also a trail of baby dragons by local children. The trails run until September 5.

Sprite Snap and Fiesta

Artist Beverley Gene Coraldean has also created two of the other winged warriors that feature in Norwich’s GoGoDragons! clan.

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