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Cassiopeia – St Julian’s Church

Artist Rosamund Orton with Norfolk & Norwich Medieval Association.

LOCATION: CASSIOPEIA No 48 The Church of St Julian

Working with artist Rosamund Orton, the Norwich & Norfolk Medieval Association have created a Dragon that is based on the beauty of medieval calligraphy. Mother, or Lady, Julian was the author of the first book written in English by a woman and lived here in Norwich in the Fourteenth Century. Her ‘shewings’, or visions, of Christ’s Passion are widely regarded as an affirmation of mankind’s relationship with God. During the greatest burst of the Black Death she wrote, ‘All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well… ‘.
The Dragon consists of many illustrations that use medieval symbolism and reference ‘Mother’ Julian and her teachings.

Dragon being sponsored by Gasway.


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