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Crypto – Norwich Puppet Theatre

Artist/Community Group TIN HOUSE with North City Children’s Centre

LOCATION: Crypto No 32 Puppet Theatre

Originally St James Pockthorpe Church, Norwich Puppet Theatre is one of only a couple of theatres in England dedicated to creating, presenting and supporting innovation in puppetry and related art forms. As the area in which St James Pockthorpe is situated has such a strong affiliation to the icon of ‘Snap’, which is a large dragon puppet used for centuries at Mayoral events, the artist will work with the community group to create a large scale GoGoDragon! which is inspired by the Church building, the theatre and also houses a unique baby snap-dragon! There is a legend that the crypt of the Church was home to a real Dragon!

Sponsored by intu Chapelfield

Working with ERM CIC.


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