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GoGoHoratio sails to a new location on Norwich art trail

The Norwich GoGoDragon! inspired by Norfolk naval hero Horatio Nelson has decided to set sail for a slightly different location on the art trail through Norwich.

GoGoHoratio is one of the 84 decorated sculptures currently dotted around Norwich as part of the GoGoDragons! project brought to the city by children’s charity Break and Wild in Art.

For the first two-and-a-half weeks of the trail GoGoHoratio could be seen enjoying a riverside location on Quayside.

Today he has changed his position and now sits on the nearby Fye Bridge, where his fellow GoGoDragon! Draco resides and where Break’s Grand Norwich Duck Race will finish on August 1.

Michael Rooney, fundraising manager for Break, said: “We have decided that GoGoHoratio needed to have a little move but still to keep him, very appropriately, close to the water. We are grateful for the cooperation we have received to enable us to do this and hope even more people will be able to enjoy GoGoHoratio as his keeps his eye on Draco and Break’s forthcoming duck race!

“So many people are loving the trail and we are delighted that the people of Norwich have taken GoGoDragons! to their hearts.”

GoGoHoratio is designed by artist Ryan Newell and sponsored by Signs Express.

His space-inspired neighbour Draco is designed by Illona Clarke and sponsored by Chilled Driving School.

The GoGoDragons! art trail will be in Norwich until September 5, and the dragons will then be auctioned off in October to raise funds for Break.

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