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GoGoDragons! starting to assemble

With just over two months to go until a clan of colourful dragons takes to Norwich’s streets, many of the fire-breathing gang are already starting to assemble in preparation for the charity art trail.

Patch, Biggles, Cavell, Morgan and Birdie are among the GoGoDragons! that have already made public appearances in the run-up to the art trail starting this June, and they – as well as a number of other finished dragons yet to be revealed – are now gathered at GoGoDragons! headquarters ready to fly out onto the streets of Norwich.

In total there will be about 84 adult dragon sculptures in the trail which is being organised by children’s charity Break and Wild in Art. Between about 15 and 20 are now finished and waiting in the wings, and most of the others are due to be finished by their artists by the end of this month.

Martin Green, who is leading the GoGoDragons! project, said: “This is the exciting bit for us, the start of the run-in to the trail. All of the dragons are starting to come back to us now.

“From the beginning of the submission process, finding sponsors, having designs picked, sending the dragons out to the artists, now this is the most exciting part, unwrapping the finished dragons from the bubble wrap and looking at what is inside. It’s a little bit like being a child at Christmas.”

Everything from Norwich City Football Club to outer space to birds, butterflies and ladybirds have inspired the designs, and when the finished works of art arrive at the GoGoDragons! headquarters they are being sprayed with a special coating to protect the artwork during its summer on display in Norwich.

Mr Green said: “What is really nice is there is such a broad spectrum of art on them, and each dragon has their own character.”

He said there was still lots to do in preparation for the trail which will run until September.

“We are looking at locations for the dragons and where they are going to sit,” he said.

“We are just really excited to show the public all the dragons. We are keeping a lot of them under wraps until the trail, but some of them have already been revealed and there’s lot of tweeting and social media about them which is great.

“I think people are really going to embrace the dragons over the summer.”

When asked how the trail compared to the 2013 GoGoGorillas! trail in Norwich, he said: “Obviously we have got 30 more dragons and there’s been a lot more work involved, but we hope that is going to create an even more exciting challenge for people to find all the dragons that are going to be placed in our city.”

Each of the dragons is sponsored by a local business, group or trust. The GoGoDragons! trail will run from June 21 until September 5. For more information visit

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