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GoGoDragons! fans snap up nearly 200,000 maps

Dragon hunters have been flocking from far and wide to visit Norwich’s resident fire-breathing beasts.

The trail of GoGoDragons! – brought to the city by children’s charity Break and Wild in Art – has been decorating Norwich’s streets for nearly four weeks and become a huge hit with people of all ages.

GoGoDragons! project manager Martin Green said he was delighted with the overwhelming popularity of the free trail which runs until September 5 and aims to raise awareness and funds for Break.

“Everywhere you go you see people with trail maps, and the feedback we have had from the general public is that people love the dragons,” Mr Green said.

“We have given out nearly 200,000 trail maps, we are down to our last 10-20,000, and we are looking to do a reprint. That indicates just how popular the trail is and how many people are doing the trail.

“We could not have wished for anymore, and we just encourage everyone to go out and enjoy the GoGoDragons!”

As well as being popular with people living close by, the dragons have also been attracting the attention of people from around the world.

Fourteen-year-old Jayne Munday, from Queensland, Australia, and who is visiting family in Norfolk, is among the international visitors enjoying the GoGoDragons! trail.

“It’s cool because there are so many of the dragons and they are adorable. I like the art on them as well, it’s cool seeing all the paintings,” she said, adding that her favourite dragons were Morgan and GoGoMadder.

Eighty-four dragons are featured in the GoGoDragons! trail and each one has been designed by a local artist and sponsored by a local organization. There is also a separate trail of 120 baby dragons decorated by Norfolk schoolchildren.

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