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George is revealed as the EDP and Norwich Evening News GoGoDragon!

A brave and gallant new dragon has flown into Norwich and made the EDP and Norwich Evening News office his lair.

To mark St George’s Day today, the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News are revealing the first glimpse of our GoGoDragon! George who has been inspired by England’s patron saint.

Decorated in the colours of England and dressed in a polished suit of armour, George is one of 84 dragons who will be dotted around Norwich this summer for the GoGoDragons! charity art trail raising funds for children’s charity Break.

He will proudly stand outside our head office during the trail, but until then he will be making himself at home in our newsroom.

And from midday today, for one hour only, he will also be making a special appearance at The Forum in Norwich to celebrate St George’s Day and greet passers by.


The legend of St George and the dragon goes back centuries, but the story of our George began last year when we asked readers to take part in a competition to design our dragon sculpture for the 2015 GoGoDragons! trail.

More than 250 people entered the competition and 75-year-old John Checketts, a retired art teacher from Wells, won with his brilliant idea that saw the characters of St George and the dragon become one.

His design was recreated by artist Martin Wall, 56, who by coincidence had also created a St George-themed dragon design, and the two ideas have been mixed together to create George.

Mr Wall – who decorated Iron Ape, Batgrill and Bradley Wiggins for the 2013 GoGoGorillas! trail – spent about 72 hours painting George at his North Walsham studio.

On Tuesday, Mr Checketts and Mr Wall visited our newspaper headquarters to see George in his new home.

EDP and Norwich Evening News editor Nigel Pickover said: “We are proud to unveil our wonderful GoGoDragon! George on this special day celebrating our patron saint. We hope everyone will enjoy meeting the newest addition to our editorial team at the Forum today as part of the St George’s Day festivities.

“John and Martin have done us proud in creating a magnificent mythological beast for our Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News GoGoDragon!

“We think he is going to be one of the superstars of the GoGoDragons! trail.”

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