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First look at Dereham’s GoGoDragon!

A fiery new face was on display for the first time as Dereham got involved with the GoGoDragons! 2015 project.

The public were introduced to dragon GoGoSteggles, who has been sponsored by property company Steggles-Larner, in an unveiling at Art Academy East, in Aldiss Court.

The sculpture is the first to be revealed outside of Norwich where the art trail will be set up from June 21.

GoGoSteggles has been beautifully painted in a koi fish and night sky design by academy artists.

Art Academy founder Claire Frances-Smith, who collaborated with Susan Gates and Brad Tooke on the project, said: “We were really flattered to be approached and ti is really nice to represent Dereham in this project.

“The idea for it was because it is a dragon and there is quite a strong link between koi fish and dragons in legend.

“We wanted it to be a work of art to raise as much as possible for Break.

James Steggles, managing director of Steggles-Larner, said: “We thought we would bring it to Dereham because Norwich can’t have all the glory.

“From a Steggles-Larner point of view this is the heart of our territory.

“I think it is going to be one of the star attractions at the auction in October.”

A launch party was held at the weekend with children able to enter a competitionto win a season ticket to the Dinosaur Adventure Park, Lenwade, by answering questions based on a Japanese legend.

The GoGoDragons! will help raise funds for children’s charity Break by going under the hammer in October.

To find out more about the GoGoDragons! visit

Full story via Dereham Times

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