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Family of dragon hunters snap all of Norwich’s GoGoDragons!

Dragon hunter Catherine Wright is the first person to snap all of Norwich’s GoGoDragons! and upload her photos to our app celebrating the charity art trail.

Mrs Wright, who lives in Gertrude Road, Norwich, has been seeking out the mythological creatures with her children Keiran, seven, Hollie, six, and Mason, three, and her sister Amanda Shirley, 33.

She said it took her about two-and-a-half weeks to complete the trail, and she is now busy visiting the dragons for a second time and also spotting the baby GoGoDragons!

“It is great. Like the GoGoGorillas!, the GoGoDragons! are bringing people into Norwich and giving children something fun to do,” she said.

Mrs Wright added that her children loved having their photos taken with the dragons.

Mrs Wright, 27, has taken about 900 photos of the dragons and said the EDP and Evening News iGather app was a great way to share pictures.

“It’s nice to see how other people take photos of the GoGoDragons! and to get ideas for your photos,” she said.

The trail of 84 GoGoDragons! – which has been brought to Norwich by children’s charity Break and Wild in Art – will be in the city until September 5 so there is still lots of time for people to enjoy the trail and share their photos. It only takes a few seconds to take pictures through our iGather app – and everyone who uses the app and leaves an email address could win a GoGoDragons! prize. Normal Archant competition rules apply.

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