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Wayland Academy Dragon Sponsor

SPONSORING: Mighty Oakus by Lisa Kirkham

LOCATION: No 65 Castle Meadow Mall entrance

Wayland Academy Norfolk is an 11-16 Academy in Watton. We are child centred and we put both individuals and groups at the heart of all of our decisions and planning. We continue to move towards higher levels of achievement and attainment for all of our students. Young people today have a range of complex needs and challenges to face in an ever changing educational landscape and we continue to respond to the needs and ambitions of the young people in this rural part of Norfolk. We are proud that our students have increased their rate of progress in English and Maths over the last three years. We are also proud that an increasing number of our students attain good grades across a wide range of academic and vocational subjects. We want the Wayland Dragon to be inspired by Wayland and backed by the wider community. Dragon Mighty Oakus by artist Lisa Kirkham.

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