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Demand for stickers of Norwich’s GoGoDragons! goes off the scale

Demand for our GoGoDragons! stickers has well and truly gone off the scale with dragon hunters snapping up more than 170,000 sticker packs so far.

The souvenir sticker album – created by the EDP and Norwich Evening News and sponsored by East of England Co-op – has been a roaring success with fans of the winged warriors being eager to complete their books.

The album is celebrating the hugely popular GoGoDragons! charity art trail brought to Norwich by children’s charity Break and Wild in Art, and the unprecedented demand for stickers has led to some shops running low on supplies.

However GoGoDragons! fans have no need to fear as more stickers are now being printed and are due to arrive in shops in a few weeks.

EDP and Norwich Evening News editor Nigel Pickover said: “The GoGoDragons! have become Norwich superstars and the trail is a wonderful way of raising funds for the brilliant children’s charity Break

“We are delighted so many people are enjoying our album and having fun collecting stickers of all the dragon gang.

“The phenomenal success means some stores are now running low on stickers – but more will be winging their way to shops shortly. “In the meantime dragon fans can keep collecting our vouchers for free sticker packs and will be able to redeem them, subject to availability, when the new batch of stickers arrive.”

Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library is hosting a GoGoDragons! sticker swap session on Tuesday, August 25, from 2pm until 4pm.

Wroxham Library, in Norwich Road, is having sticker swap sessions on Tuesday afternoons during the school holidays from 2pm until 3pm. The Wroxham sessions are organised by artist Julia Allum who painted Drewscilla Dragon who can be found at The Great Hospital and is sponsored by Butcher Andrews.

She said: “Having painted one of the dragons I thought it would be nice to encourage children to come to the library to swap their stickers and be part of GoGoDragons!”

People who have almost completed their books can also buy their last 20 stickers, for 20p each, from the EDP and Evening News office in Rouen Road. This offer is subject to availability and people will need to show their sticker books with 130 stickers stuck in the album.

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