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A get well card to fire up George the dragon’s spirits

He may be the mighty leader of the GoGoDragons, but this great responsibilty has its drawbacks

George had been roaring so furiously to impress the families following the charity trail around Norwich that he lost his voice.

But no matter what hurdle the dragons face, they always have each other to offer care and sympathy.

And thanks to nine-year-old Sophie Alger, from Forncett End, delivering a get well card from all his dragon friends, he is sure to be feeling more cheerful.

The beast, outside the EDP offices on Rouen Road, was visited by the dragon doctor this week and is said to be in high spirits despite his illness.

Since the start of the trail in June, dragon hunters have been flocking from far and wide to visit Norwich’s resident fire-breathing beasts and have snapped up nearly 200,000 trail maps.

In the absence of his voice, George will take to Twitter to keep his fans updated.

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