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Worstead Primary School

Dragon name:  Pax

Dragon design:  At Worstead School we believe in kindness, equality, love and respect for one another and have chosen to create a dragon which reflects this school ethos.  “Pax” is the Latin word for peace which we feel is a fitting alternative to the stereotype of bold, intimidating and violent dragons.

We have decorated our dragon with the handprints of every child in the school, to signify that every child matters and that we value each and every individual who makes up our school. Hidden on the dragon’s scales are the symbols of the world’s main religions because our children want to grow up in a peaceful world, free from conflict.

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Worstead A65

Pax will have a temporary home in Intu Chapelfield from 4th July to 5th September so lots of people can admire him. He will then go home to live at Worstead Primary school

Break Charity would like to say a huge thank you to all the children, families & staff at Worstead Primary School who have been saving change in their GoGoDragon! collecting boxes.  They have raised a brilliant £60.93 which will help change young lives in East Anglia.

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