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Wicklewood School

Dragon name:  Woodlewick The Wicklewood Dragon.

Dragon design:  Woodlewick The Wicklewood Dragon is based on the designs of Max Dewsbury and William Goodings, two pupils from Wicklewood school who were chosen as the “design the dragon” competition winners.  The main colours of red, yellow, blue and green represent the school’s teams colours.  The Windmill school logo can be seen on Woodlewick’s chest and the school motto is proudly displayed on his wings.  Every pupil in the school and nursery contributed towards the finished dragon.  Years 2, 3, 4 & 5 painted the base colours.  Nursery, Reception and Year 1 printed the scales in different shades of blue and green.  Year 6 added the finer details and finishing touches.

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Wicklewood School website click here

Find Woodlewick in the Gifted Store in the Castle Mall from 4th July.  He is 1 of 19 junior dragons in the Castle Mall – find them all & win a prize!

Break Charity are very grateful to the Gifted Store who have donated a prize to use at one of our fundraising events, many thanks to them.  They also have a collecting tin for Break charity if you would like to donate any change whilst you are enjoying the dragon trail! Thank you!

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