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Heartsease Primary Academy

Heartsease Primary Academy are thrilled to be able to participate in GoGoDragons!

It will be a fantastic creative journey for our pupils and staff alike, and hope that it can inspire many of our pupils to experiment with their own creativity. GoGoDragons! is not only important from a creative point of view but also to help our pupils develop a greater understanding of their place within the wider community. We know our children will be incredibly excited to see this project from start to finish; along with participating on the trail in the summer.

Dragon name: Heartsease Dragonite

Dragon design: With a school of over 450 we felt it was only fair to have a competition to design the dragon.  We split it in half for a KS1/EYFS design and a KS2 design; the winning design for each class being a finalist.  The winning designs (Year 1 Dato & Year 6 Millie) were chosen because they represented our school colours and were bright and eye catching.  Our school council then decided on the name to show everyone who we are but still represent the animal itself.

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Heartsease Dragonite can be found at Flint Hairdressers 24 St Benedicts Street from 4th July.  He will return to school in September to take up permanent residency.

Break Charity are very grateful to Flint Hairdressers for donating a prize to use at our dragon ball,  fundraising event.  They are also holding a Break collecting tin if you would like to pop in any spare change when you are enjoying the dragon trail!  Many thanks!



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